Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What do I need to send PBIS if I wish to obtain licensure by credentialing?

A. This will vary by state but will generally include: A completed application including names and addresses of all educational institutions where you attended classes or participated in a residency; all malpractice insurance information including policy numbers and medical malpractice claims; all state license information; any civil or criminal activity; character references; employment history; and all other pertinent information. You will also be required to send a certified birth certificate or a notarized copy of your U.S. passport and a photocopy of your CPR certificate.

Q. How do I know what the state I am applying for requires?

A. You should contact the state to which you are applying prior to requesting an application from PBIS. You do not want to go through the expense and time of completing an application if you do not meet the requirements for licensure in that particular state.

Q. I don't have an original birth certificate. What should I do?

A. You may provide a notarized copy of your US passport or contact the state where you were born and request that a certified document be sent to PBIS. Notarized copies or photocopies of Birth Certificates are not acceptable

Q. How long does the credentialing process take?

A. On average, the process takes six to eight weeks for a Level II and up to four weeks for a Level III. It will take longer if we are not provided the correct addresses to obtain the required documents.

Q. I already sent this information to the state I am applying for. Why do you have to send for it again?

A. We obtain documents directly from the primary source, such as dental schools, state dental boards, insurance companies, etc. If the state you are applying for already has primary source documents, they may forward them to us at their discretion.

Q. What if I have not yet finished my residency/education but want to apply for a state license?

A. Check with the states where you are seeking licensure for their requirements.

Q. What is the difference between licensure by credentialing and licensure by examination?

A. Licensure by examination means that you have successfully completed the required clinical examination. Licensure by credentialing is for individuals who have not met the specific exam requirements, but whose professional background meets specific requirements for the state. The PBIS application by credentialing generally involves a more complete check than the application by examination.

Q. In addition to the application fee are there any other charges?

A. Yes. You will be billed for surcharges as soon as we determine what those charges are. Surcharges are necessary when institutions, agencies or other entities require fees for processing information requested by PBIS, or when PBIS incurs additional expenses in processing.

Q. What if I need assistance when filling out the application?

A. Contact PBIS customer support Monday - Friday, 8am-4:30pm at (602) 861-5867.

Q. I have put my house and business up for sale in anticipation of being licensed in another state. Can you expedite my application?

A. PBIS processes applications in the order in which they are received. Submitting a complete, accurate application will increase the ability of PBIS to process the application quickly.

Q. I may wish to apply to a second state in the near future. Do I have to pay the full application fee again?

A. These fees will vary depending on whether you are applying for Level II or III credentialing. An additional Level II application will usually be processed for $200.00 for a second state within 90 days. Contact the PBIS office for an up-to-date fee schedule for multiple applications.

Q. I need my application processed immediately. Is there an extra charge for this service?

A. Applications are always processed in the order in which they are received. The best way to expedite your application is to make sure that all the questions are answered properly and that the information, such as names and addresses, is up-to-date. The biggest reason for delays in processing is outdated addresses and telephone numbers. Make sure that your insurance company didn't liquidate or move and that your educational institutions haven't closed. If so, be sure to provide PBIS with names and addresses of the custodians of records.

Q. Will you advise me if I don't meet the requirements for licensing?

A. No. That information can only be provided by the state to which you are applying. We do not make any recommendations to the state.

Q. Can I have a copy of my file?

A. No. Your file is absolutely confidential and will not be made available to anyone except the designated dental board(s).

Q. How will I know when my application is completed?

A. You will receive a letter from us stating that your file was completed and was forwarded to the state to which you are applying. This will occur after we have received all required documentation, all audits are completed and there are no outstanding charges.